Patch3.2 warrの変更点とか

目の方は特に問題も無く順調なようで安心:) あとは何処まで視力が戻るか?って感じです。

まだLoginしていないので中はどうなってるか解りませんが。。。色々楽しみだわ( ´∀`)

今回のタイトルはCall of the Crusadeであってるのかな?w

新しいInstanceやRaidZoneがreleaseされたのはさて置き、Emblem Systemの変更以外にも
色々と変更が一杯あるので一通りpatch Noteに目を通しておくと良いかもです~



* Battle Shout: Radius increased to 30 yards.
* Bloodrage: This ability now generates 20 rage initially, and 10 rage over the next 10 seconds. The health cost is unchanged.
* Commanding Shout: Radius increased to 30 yards.
* Execute: This ability now never costs more than a total of 30 rage. The tooltip for Sudden Death has been revised to remove reference to that maximum, since the ability now behaves that way even when untalented.
* Shield Slam: The benefit from additional block value this ability gains is now subject to diminishing returns. Diminishing returns occur once block value exceeds 30 times the player’s level and caps the maximum damage benefit from shield block value at 34.5 times the player’s level.
* Talents
o Fury
+ Armored to the Teeth: This talent now provides 1/2/3 attack power per 108 armor, up from per 180 armor.
+ Bloodsurge: Notification that Slam has become instant now appears in floating combat text.
o Protection
+ Devastate: Weapon damage and bonus per Sunder Armor on the target increased by 100%. This ability now requires a shield to be equipped.
+ Shield Specialization: Now provides 5 rage on a block, dodge or parry instead of 2 rage on a block.

Bug Fixes
# Warriors

* Berserker Rage: Tooltip clarified to indicate this ability breaks existing Fear, Sap, and Incapacitate effects.
* Bladestorm: Now properly removes the Snare effect of Desecration in all cases.
* Blood Craze: Now properly triggered by periodic critical strikes.
* Execute: Focused Rage and the Dreadnaught Battlegear set bonus will now properly reduce the cost of Execute.
* Slam: The combat log tooltip will no longer list which rank of Slam was used. Previously it incorrectly listed rank 8 for all ranks of Slam.
* Vigilance: This talent and Blessing of Sanctuary will now both be able to be cast on the same target without sometimes overwriting each other.



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